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    Pulse Performance Products™ (PPP) first launched in 2007 with the inception of the Kick 'N Go™ performance scooter. Since then, our creative minds have continued to push the envelope and develop unique and innovative products such as the Slither™ Drift Scooter and Charger Electric Scooter.

    In addition, PPP has also established groundbreaking scooter trends such as the Composite Deck Traction (CDT); a composite deck with in-traction molding and contemporary in-mold graphics to set our products apart from the competition's.

    Pulse Performance Products takes pride in designing, testing and delivering the most epic scooters on the planet, because that's what we do best.

    Bravo Sports for over 50 years has been an innovation and design leader in Action Sports.  Our Core DNA is Action Sports.  It’s who we are, what we do and how we live our lives.  Our Specialty brands and distribution provides us competitive insights into the origins of the category trends.

    For over a decade, Pulse has been revolutionizing scooters. Using our Action Sports expertise, we entered the market with exciting innovations and our own signature style. We continue to evolve and now are the second largest scooter company in the world.

    The key crossover of talent, expertise, and an understanding of our target demographic has proven incredibly successful to the launch and expansion of Pulse Scooters and Ride-Ons.  We focus on current trends for better styling and new design features the competition doesn't deliver.

    Scooters are a lifestyle product.

    We know what the 3 to 14 year old kids do, wear and want to ride.  From Licensed Disney kick scooters to the highest performance Sector 9 downhill longboards, Bravo Sports understands what all levels of Action Sports consumers want in order to maximize their fun in their free time.

    As the #1 skateboard company in the world, we have a dedicated team of the best designers, developers, and marketers exclusively focused on Action Sports and the kids that love them.  That same team is used for critical development in the scooter industry as well. We are dealing with kids and parents who live in an ecosystem of lifestyle products. Trends cross multiple categories, and we have a proven track record of capturing them for the market and helping retailers accelerate revenue growth in this category.